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Accidents happen. However, when an injury occurs due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, victims deserve to have the damages they suffered recognized and compensated appropriately as required by law. North Carolina allows these victims to seek compensation, but the process can be often be complex, stressful, and unforgiving. Injury victims often face a myriad of logistical and financial challenges in the aftermath of their accident and are anxious to know what damages they can claim in an injury suit.

At Kornbluth Ginsberg Law Group, P.A., we always take a comprehensive view of the hardships our clients have faced due to their injury. Our approach makes sure that our clients' injury claims are comprehensive and seek relief for both immediate concerns and long-term ramifications of their injury. We can help you navigate North Carolina personal injury laws.


If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident, we invite you to contact our award-winning personal injury lawyer in Durham today! Free consultations!


Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

At Kornbluth Ginsberg Law Group, P.A., our personal injury practice is dedicated to leveling the playing field for victims of negligence and ensuring that their claim—whether it is against a defendant or an insurance provider—is compellingly and effectively put forth.

Here are four reasons to entrust your case to our firm:

  • We have a diverse legal practice.
  • We provide dependable advocacy.
  • We have an experienced legal team.
  • We provide individualized attention.

Elements of Negligence You Need to Win Your Claim

As with other states across the country, North Carolina has a time frame during which you must file your personal injury lawsuit. If you miss this deadline, called the statute of limitations, you will not be able to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit. The statute of limitations in North Carolina is three years from the date of the injury, so it's critical that you contact a skilled injury attorney as soon as possible before time runs out!

If you have filed your claim within the timeframe required by the statute of limitations, there are four key elements that you will need to prove negligence and recover damages.

  • Causation- An individual must be able to prove how the at-fault party did something wrong, or failed to do what a reasonable individual would have done under the same circumstances.
  • Duty- Most entities have a "standard of care" in order to avoid causing harm to others. If you can prove that standard of care has been breached, this will help with the success of your injury claim.
  • Breach of Duty- This refers to the direct cause of the damages that you are suffering from. Any insurance company will require proof that their insured party caused you hard by failing to take appropriate actions under the circumstances.
  • Verifiable Damages- Once the insurance company has proof of negligence, they will require proof of the nature and extent of the damages you are suffering from. Most claims are separated into two categories of damages: special damages and general damages.


We understand that every case is unique, and our injury attorneys in Durham have the experience that you need to successfully seek financial compensation for personal injury damages. Call us at (919) 336-1932 for help navigating North Carolina personal injury laws.


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