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Electric scooters, or “e-scooters,” represent the next phase of a unique transportation revolution. In recent years, American entrepreneurs and developers have embraced the advent of mobile application technology to create peer-to-peer ridesharing and scooter-share companies. The process is simple: “independent operators” can download a scooter company’s app, input their credit card information, and unlock their scooter of choice. These mobile apps can even help customers locate any available scooters that happen to be nearby.

However, like any transportation option, there are many safety concerns associated with e-scooters. Despite online safety recommendations, scooter-share companies don’t regulate rider speed or include helmets with their dockless vehicles. In fact, Bird and Lime – the scooter-share giants – are major proponents of removing state-regulated helmet requirements. Consequently, countless scooter-share customers sustain severe injuries on an annual basis, including: face lacerations, torn ligaments, broken bones, and more. Bird and Lime are currently facing class actions lawsuits for injuries relating to gross negligence, product liability, and aiding and abetting assault.

E-scooter accidents frequently result in severe injuries that necessitate expensive medical procedures and physical therapy services. As your injury-related expenses start piling up, it’s important to contact an experienced lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of the state laws associated with e-scooters. At Kornbluth Ginsberg Law Group, P.A., we recognize that a serious injury can impact your finances, jeopardize your career, and devastate your personal life. For this reason, our Durham scooter accident attorneys take great pride in offering personalized legal services and aggressive representation to the wrongfully injured of North Carolina. Whether you were injured by a negligent operator, a motor vehicle driver, or a defective product, our experienced lawyers can investigate your case and help you recover restitution that facilitates your physical and financial recovery.

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Pursuing Compensation After a Scooter Incident

Unfortunately, even a minor electric scooter accident can set a victim back about $10,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses. An accident survivor may need to file a claim just to alleviate their injury-related debts and protect their financial standing. Fortunately, a successful lawsuit can award a favorable verdict or settlement that accounts for your medical expenses, lost wages, and various non-economic damages as determined by the court.

E-scooter riders face the following dangers any time they rent a vehicle:

  • Scooters are unstable and can be overturned by road hazards.
  • Inexperienced riders often participate in dangerous behaviors that harm other operators and pedestrians.
  • An electronic scooter lacks external or built-in safety features.
  • Many operators are injured by negligent, distracted, or aggressive motor vehicle drivers.

No matter the simplicity or complexity of your case, you can rely on Kornbluth Ginsberg Law Group, P.A. to confidently investigate your case, compile critical evidence, and advocate for your best interests both in and out of court. Our legal team can also protect you from corporate legal teams or calculating insurance company representatives who may try to undermine your claim.

The Statute of Limitations

The North Carolina General statutes section 1-52 states that a civil lawsuit for an injury must be filed within 3 years. However, if the accident resulted in a family member’s death, then you have 2 years to file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party.

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