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You Don’t Have to Tolerate Discrimination in the Workplace

There is no such thing as “benign” sexual harassment. While many people consider sexual harassment to be something overt, such as openly antagonizing employee for their sex, even “small” behaviors such as lewd jokes or unwanted flirting can create a toxic workplace. Far too many people try to convince themselves it isn’t a big deal, even when they are feeling uncomfortable. You have a right to feel safe at your job. If you find certain behaviors and attitudes to be unprofessional and you have run out of ways to ask them to stop, contact the Durham sexual harassment attorneys of Kornbluth Ginsberg Law Group, P.A.

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Defining Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment comes in many forms, and some are more subtle than others. In cases where your coworkers are frequently making references to your sex, it is usually fairly easy to prove sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can also infect corporate policy, and these sexist attitudes can be disguised.

For example, if you have constantly been passed over for a raise or promotion while other, less experienced male coworkers have had no difficulty in this regard, an employer may try to justify this by finding a way to criticize your performance. The burden is now on you to prove that your employer is practicing sexist policies in the workplace. Our team can help you build your case by gathering evidence and obtaining witness testimony.

Make A Better Place to Work For You & Your Coworkers

There may be some well-meaning people that will tell you should just quit, and this may be the best option, but without addressing the true cause of this problem the issue will keep repeating itself for every new employee that takes your place. Remember, you can still file a sexual harassment claim after you have quit or been terminated from a position. Taking a stand against these egregiously unprofessional and sexist behaviors helps to raise public awareness and help others who have been in your shoes enjoy a happier, safer workplace. Our Durham sexual harassment lawyers are prepared to help you take that stand.

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