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If you’ve been in a car accident and think you may be at fault, not only will you be thinking about your own injuries and wellbeing, you also have the added stress of the other driver’s well-being and how they are approaching their claim. These cases can be nerve-wracking and create an almost immediate need for legal representation.

There are four common law factors that determine fault in an auto accident:

  • Negligence: doing something that falls below the standard of conduct or established law
  • Intentional misconduct: acting with the intent to cause harm
  • Recklessness: knowingly doing something that can cause harm
  • Strict liability: liability that is imposed without finding a fault

Minimize Your Losses: When It Isn’t Just Your Fault

Quite often, auto accidents can be more complicated than they seem. If one party is considered at fault, it is the job of their attorneys to examine the details of the accident and to know how to proceed with legal actions or defenses. Sometimes, the other party was also violating a law, such as a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet or an injured vehicle driver not wearing a seatbelt. In these cases, negligence on the part of the other driver may affect the liability of an accident. Remember, North Carolina law prohibits the plaintiff (injury victim) from suing for property (vehicle) damages if they are partially at fault.

Cases are examined for the “but for” factors, i.e. the accident would not have happened but for a specific violation. In the examples of a motorist not wearing a seatbelt, certain injuries would not have occurred had the person been wearing a seatbelt, so the liabilities of those injuries do not necessarily rest on the at-fault driver.

The complexity of auto accident liability calls for help from someone who knows the motor vehicle laws, is familiar with liability cases and has experience with looking at the accident from an outside perspective.

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